Simple & Beautiful Vase Idea for Spring Flowers

IMG_0794It is officially spring! I always forget how much I’ve missed the warmer months until that first glorious sunny day in March. Suddenly everyone emerges from their winter hibernation and the streets are full of people walking, window shopping and soaking in that much needed vitamin D.

I have a few favourite spring traditions that I’ll be sharing in the coming weeks. At our place, spring means that we can cook our signature barbeque recipes, start seedlings in a sunny window, go on bike riding adventures through the city and dig into a bowl of homemade gelato. It also means that tulips are abundant at the local fruit and veggie stand, and I can pick up a bunch with my organic produce for just a couple of dollars. There’s nothing that says spring like coming home to a fragrant bouquet in my home.

This diy vase idea is so simple, and it transforms a regular utilitarian mason jar into a thing of beauty. I picked up a pre-cut square of fabric from a craft store for $2.50, though if you have leftover fabric lying around from a project, this would be an ideal use.


  • square of fabric – 20″ x 20″ (my fabric was thinner so I doubled up, but you could easily use a piece half the size if the fabric is more opaque)
  • about 30″ of twine (or you could use a shorter length of ribbon or cord)
  • one wide mouthed, half-gallon mason jar


Place the mason jar on a table. Fold the fabric in half, and wrap around the jar, with the folded edge at bottom. Have someone hold the fabric in place while you wind the twine around the mouth of the jar a few times and tie in a bow. The fabric at the top looked a little tall to me, so I folded about 1/2″ down on the inside of the jar. Voila!

Tip: Use a canning funnel when pouring water into your vase.

Extended instructions: I didn’t sew my fabric because the loose edge faced the back and wasn’t visible where I’d put the flowers. But, you could certainly sew the back seam by hand or quickly with your machine for a more professional and permanent look.

This could be a cute decorating idea for a baby or bridal shower, or even (if you fancied up the fabric and ribbon, and sewed the back edge) for a great centrepiece. The fabric can also be thrown into the laundry if it gets dirty (follow washing directions for your fabric; hang to dry) or reused for another project later on.



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